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10/15/2018 1:31:57 PM 'K' Style Machine Lift Cylinder - ML314023

'K' Style Machine Lift Cylinder - ML314023 CAT-CP314023
Used on ‘K’ Style volumetric filler machines, Direct replacement for the pervious OEM-supplied Norgren SPC/050198/25, 40 mm bore x 25 mm stroke, Food grade seals, Stainless construction, Tested for millions of cycles, Hygienic design for washdown
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10/16/2018 10:53:05 AM Adjustable Knockout Cylinder ML#316795

Adjustable Knockout Cylinder ML#316795 CAT-CP316795
Drop-in replacement: Identical mounting pattern for standard Graham Wheel knockout rod and spring assembly. Longer life: Larger piston rod for increased bearing support and the cylinder is rebuildable to reduce cost of ownership. Faster Cycles: Increased retract speed due to optimized return air volume requirement. Universal Design: Externally adjustable extend travel adjustment for optimum container drop. Accessibility: Minimized overall length for installation in most applications. Existing machine mounted knockout cylinder mounting plates can be removed to reduce wheel weight/inertia which helps in reducing the likelihood of spool damage/breaking
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9/25/2018 2:48:56 PM MGLASS02-EU Glass Industry Brochure

MGLASS02-EU Glass Industry Brochure CAT-MGLASS02-EU
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9/25/2018 10:31:36 AM MPLK05-EU Series PLK & PLKD Pin Locating Clamps

MPLK05-EU Series PLK & PLKD Pin Locating Clamps CAT-MPLK05-EU
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9/21/2018 9:30:04 AM Solutions for the Glass Industry

Solutions for the Glass Industry CAT-GLASS02
Rugged design and long life for hot glass bottle transferring applications • Hot Glass Transferring • Drop-in Replacements • Long Life Construction • Glass Tong Head Grippers: GGA, ML315476 • Glass Pusher Slides: ML310814, ML310815, ML310035 • Air Dampener Rotary Actuator: ML316740
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9/25/2018 10:12:26 AM SIDEL03B Sidel® Direct Replacements

SIDEL03B Sidel® Direct Replacements CAT-SIDEL03B
INCREASE PRODUCTION • REDUCE MAINTENANCE • REDUCE DOWNTIME • REDUCE SCRAP Series BCS Stretching Cylinders, Series BCSU Universal Stretching Cylinders, Universal Stretching Cylinders, Series1 Nozzle Cylinders, BCZ2 Nozzle Cylinders, BCZU Universal Nozzle Cylinders, BST1 Transfer Arm, BST2 Transfer Arm, ML315189, ML308222, ML308876, ML304450, ML305278, ML308956, ML316228, Mold Base Cylinder, Rebuild Program, PPC, Sidel. Updated 9/2018.
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