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3/28/2018 9:25:27 AM Clamp Solutions Image Brochure

Clamp Solutions Image Brochure CAT-CLAMPIB18
Brochure includes an overview of PHD Clamps, PHD benefits, and how PHD provides the lowest cost of ownership for sheet metal handling. Updated 3/2018.
File Size:  3.55 MB   Last Modified:  3/28/2018 9:25:27 AM
3/28/2018 4:36:35 PM Solutions for the Tube Bending Industry

Solutions for the Tube Bending Industry CAT-TUBEBEND18
Automotive: brake lines, fuel lines, AC lines, coolant lines, exhaust pipe; Nylon Tube Heat; Set Forming; HVAC; Aerospace; Small Engine; Outdoor/Office Furniture; Series OCN NFPA Large Bore Cylinders for Tube Bending
File Size:  890.97 KB   Last Modified:  3/28/2018 4:36:35 PM
4/17/2018 8:54:04 AM SIDEL03 Sidel® Direct Replacements

SIDEL03 Sidel® Direct Replacements CAT-SIDEL03
INCREASE PRODUCTION • REDUCE MAINTENANCE • REDUCE DOWNTIME • REDUCE SCRAP Series BCS Stretching Cylinders, Series BCSU Universal Stretching Cylinders, Universal Stretching Cylinders, Series1 Nozzle Cylinders, BCZ2 Nozzle Cylinders, BCZU Universal Nozzle Cylinders, BST1 Transfer Arm, BST2 Transfer Arm, ML315189, ML308222, ML308876, ML304450, ML305278, ML308956, ML316228, Mold Base Cylinder, Rebuild Program, PPC, Sidel. Updated 4/17/2018.
File Size:  7.48 MB   Last Modified:  4/17/2018 8:54:04 AM