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7/29/2021 8:03:57 AM ML317781 Cylinder for Blow Mold Machine

ML317781 Cylinder for Blow Mold Machine CAT-CP317781A
Designed to provide longer life and reduced downtime for optimal return on investment
File Size:  290.77 KB   Last Modified:  7/29/2021 8:03:57 AM
7/22/2021 3:12:33 PM Solutions for Thermoforming

Solutions for Thermoforming CAT-THERMO20B
Plastic Forming, Molding and Stamping Facilities, Cut Sheet Thermoforming Cylinders. ML313302, ML313529, ML318266, ML307529, ML313285, ML314191, ML318264, ML308590, ML305316, ML313276, ML318265, ML313537. Updated 7/21.
File Size:  1.58 MB   Last Modified:  7/22/2021 3:12:33 PM
7/20/2021 1:39:16 PM Tri-Axis Transfer Press Modular Tooling

Tri-Axis Transfer Press Modular Tooling CAT-TATOOL01
Components designed to provide a stronger and lighter weight while providing greater versatility for superior tooling systems delivering high performance.
File Size:  951.96 KB   Last Modified:  7/20/2021 1:39:16 PM